IDSAI 2024

Israel Data Science and AI Initiative 3rd Annual Conference

June 2-4, 2024

Flash Talks Division by Dates

Sunday, 2.6.2024

18:00- 18:05Image-based Molecular Representation Learning for Chemical Properties Prediction in Organic Reaction Catalysis | Yonatan Harnik
18:06- 18:11Curriculum Estimation: The Weak Oracle and Elimination Algorithm | Omer Cohen
18:12- 18:17The Collective Posterior Distribution and Its Application in Simulation-Based Inference from Highly Variable Experimental Replicates | Nadav Ben Nun
18:18- 18:23Time-Based TF-IDF (tTF-IDF): Enhancing Text Analysis with Temporal Relevance | Avi Treistman
18:24- 18:29Text Summarization Evaluation: Unveiling the Logarithmic Loss Gain of a Language Model through Lossless Compression | Dana Levin
18:30- 18:35Perceptual-based Classification of Anxiety and Depression Disorders Using Augmented Tabular Data | Yuval Samoilov-Katz
18:36- 18:41A Framework for Features Selection in Fat Datasets Using External Knowledge Integration | Kartheeswaran Thangathurai
18:42- 18:47Anna Karenina Strikes Again: Pre-Trained LLM Embeddings Favor High-Performing Learners | Abigail Gurin Schleifer

Monday, 3.6.2024

18:00- 18:05Deep Learning for Children's Sleep Staging from Photoplethysmography: A Transfer Learning Approach from Adults to Children | Sharon Haimov
18:06- 18:11CPLLM: Clinical Prediction with Large Language Models | Ofir Ben Shoham
18:12- 18:17LIBERTy: An Interventional Benchmark For Concept-Level Explanation Methods of NLP Models | Gilat Toker
18:18- 18:23Diffusion Lens | Michael Toker
18:24- 18:29Enhanced Prediction of DNA Regulatory Elements In Low-Resource Datasets: An Adaptor Fusion Approach | Nataliya Logvina
18:30- 18:35Leveraging Character N-grams for Sentiment Analysis: Depression Detection in Hebrew as A Test Case | Ron Keinan
18:36- 18:41Rethinking Feature Selection: A Comprehensive Analysis of its I | Itamar Elmakias
18:42- 18:47Generalizable and Robust Deep Learning Algorithm for Atrial Fibrillation Diagnosis Across Geography, Ages and Sexes | Shany Biton-Brimer
18:48- 18:53FundusQ-Net: A Regression Quality Assessment Deep Learning Algorithm for 
Fundus Images Quality Qrading | Or Abramovich
18:54- 18:59Same Task, More Tokens: the Impact of Input Length on the Reasoning Performance of Large Language Models | Alon Jacoby


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